Want to know a little bit more about us?

Hi, I’m Matthew!

I created Running101 as a place to stay connected with the fantastic sport of running. Getting injured over a year ago now left me unsettled, unsatisfied, and quite frankly a little lost not being able to run. Therefore, I created this blog: Running101. Since then, Running101 has become so much more, it’s become a space for both beginner and veteran runners alike to learn something new, be a part of the community, and most importantly has allowed me to give something back to this sport I so dearly love.

How did I start running?

I began running in the summer I’d just turned fifteen, knowing x-country season was coming up at school and the endless laps we were made to run, I wouldn’t settle for anything below first. I did exactly that and haven’t looked back since.

I later joined a local club, took part in many local road races, trail and fell races, and even track running at one point (not my speciality). Since then, I started University and began working with a fantastic coach and great team-mates, only to be injured a few months down the line. That was over a year ago now, and things still aren’t exactly perfect, but it’s certainly getting there.

So, what am I currently up to?…

I’ve recently just graduated from the University of Durham with a bachelors degree in sport. Now, I’m a full-time self-employed SEO content writer. Before setting up the blog, I started freelance writing last year (2019) as a way to make ends meet whilst at University, little did I know that it would lead to the creation of my own blog.

Amongst freelance writing for clients and writing for my own blog, I do absolutely everything I can to keep fit. While I still can’t run since being injured, I’m a sucker for pain and commonly find myself in the gym getting a sweat on and lifting weights to improve my inevitable return to the sport.

Before being injured, I wasn’t the fastest runner, however, I certainly wasn’t the slowest. My 5k personal best was just above the 17-minute mark with sub-17-minutes so close, yet so far (someday…). Now, with over five years of experience under my belt, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great coaches, alongside fellow athletes, and embarrassingly read and watched pretty much everything there is to know about running… at least for now.

And it doesn’t stop there. My undergraduate dissertation topic was on the psychological impact of injury on high-level runners (personal, I know…), extremely interesting and relevant – directly applicable to my situation.

What can we expect from the blog?

On the blog, you’ll find running tips from both personal experience and general know-how, training advice, an extensive list of gear reviews, and so much more you can sink your teeth into. I generally post one to two times each week and currently have over one-hundred different articles available to read on all kinds of running and fitness related topics.

Do you want to work together?

If you’re looking for a collaboration, whether this is here at Running101, over at your site, or an entirely different means just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you – you can find my contact info below.

As well as collaborations, if you’re happening to be in the need of a freelance writer look no further. I have experience, quite obviously in the health and fitness niche, however, have written on various niche topics including digital marketing, the upcoming show-stealing wonder drug that is CBD, and blockchain currencies to name a few.

Please visit the contact us page to get in touch, you can access this by clicking here.

Email: matthew@running101.co.uk.