woman doing a sit-up

7 Bodyweight exercises for beginner runners

Hang on a second, you’re supposed to do more than just running? Yes! Here are seven beginner bodyweight exercises you can do at home, all with no equipment.

When do you start to enjoy running?

When do you start to enjoy running? A question many beginner runners ask one time or another – often as a result of them currently hating it.

The importance of a proper running warmup

A running warmup is often skipped. Including a warmup before your run will reduce your risk of injury, improve your running efficiency, and much more!

A basic guide to foam rolling for runners

Foam rolling is a great tool to improve your running performance and reduce your risk of injury. Use these four beginner exercises to get started.

Indoor track running: what you need to know

Ever wondered what the difference is between indoor track running an outdoor track running? Are there any benefits? Are there any downsides? We discuss.

4 Best treadmill workouts for runners

If you’re looking to get faster you’re going to need these four best treadmill workouts for runners, perfect for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced runner alike.

How to start running: 5 tips for beginners

It can be difficult to start running, especially when you don’t know have a clue where to begin. Therefore, we have provided five tips for beginners looking to start running.