7 reasons to run when on holiday

Pack your running shoes, ditch the sunbed, and pound the pavement on your next holiday.


While leaving your running shoes at home and opting for flip-flops may seem like a good idea, there are actually many benefits to taking your running abroad and with you on holiday.

In fact, running is a perfect pastime while on holiday. With little to no commitments, you’ll have plenty of time to train, more than enough time to recover, and little to no shame in indulging in a post-run pint.

Likewise, you’ll have a greater opportunity to work on that ever so famous tan to showcase once you’re back at work. If you’re lucky, you may not only return back tanned, you may even be able to run a little faster.

This article will further discuss seven reasons why you should consider packing your running shoes, waking up early, and sweating out a few runs when you’re next on holiday.

1. To explore new places

Make the most of your holiday and explore new places while running. Depending on where you go will determine what’s available. With trails to explore, rivers to jump, beaches to run on, and endless countryside to step foot in there’s plenty to see and do.

Why not wake up a little earlier, beat the heat, and explore countless new places to earn those valuable bragging rights when back home.

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2. To relax

Man running in the hills

Holidays are for relaxing, right? Running while on holiday is a great way to leave behind the daily struggles, destress, and be at one with nature. With plenty of new places to explore and plenty of free time, you can essentially train like a professional athlete. If you want to, that is.

3. To meet likeminded runners

Running on holiday is an excellent way to meet likeminded runners. Running with a group other than your own is a great experience. You’ll get to experience new trails… without getting lost, make new friends, and of course have a natter.

Why not add these runners on Facebook or follow them on Strava to track their progress while keeping up to date with their running endeavours for years to come.

4. For that non-judgemental post-run pint

Man serving drinks

Eat, sleep, train, the occasional pint, repeat.

Who doesn’t enjoy a post-run recovery pint? While it’s usually not recommended, there’s little to no harm than enjoying a couple of beers or the odd gin after finishing your run.

Ensure to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day to prevent dehydration and to reduce recovery between each run. This is especially important when running in the heat.

5. You may be treating yourself, but remember to look after yourself

We all treat ourselves while on holiday. There’s nothing wrong with that, what so ever. However, with all those extra chocolates and pints were consuming, lacing up a few times will help you maintain that existing summer-bod you’ve worked so hard on.

You don’t even need to follow your regular training schedule. Run as long, as little, as fast, or as slow as you’d like. Remember, your holiday is for you to relax not to get worked up about training.

6. To work on that tan

Did you really go on holiday if you don’t return with a jaw-dropping tan? Skip lying by the pool taking pictures and instead squeeze in a few runs here and there to work wonders for your tan. Once you’re done, chill by the pool and enjoy a nice cold beverage.

Tip: Remember to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and further skin-related conditions.

7. To have fun!

Holidays are fun, well they’re supposed to be. Why leave your running at home when you have more time than ever to engage in your favourite activity!

Make the most of the heat, the new scenery, and new runners to really have a blast! After all, you’re essentially booking in for a running holiday!

The bottom line

Holidays are for relaxing, getting a tan, and enjoying the occasional post-run pint. Why not take your running with you? You’ll be able to meet like-minded runners, explore plenty of new places, and of course, maintain your existing running fitness. You never know, you may return a faster runner.

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