16 Best running t-shirts for men in 2021

Looking for a new tee? You’ve come to the right place – here’s sixteen of the best running t-shirts for men.

The running t-shirt – an essential piece of kit for every runner, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, how do you choose what tee is best for you? We’ve selected fifteen of the best running t-shirts for men, based on a variety of factors including breathability, moisture-wicking design, and style.

Whether you’re running in the hot summer heat, on the treadmill, or in frosty conditions, here are sixteen men’s running t-shirts to choose from.

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1. Rockay men’s dolphin blue running t-shirt

Rockay men's running t-shirt

Key features:

  • Made with recycled fabrics
  • Reflective detailing 
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Added Polygiene to prevent nasty odours 

Created with recycled materials, not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll remain dry, comfortable, and visible while chasing that personal best.

With each purchase, a percentage of the sales goes towards cleaning up the oceans, helping to regenerate our damaged ecosystems and to help clean up the planet.

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2. New Balance core short sleeve t-shirt for men

New Balance men's running t-shirt (product recommendation)

Key features:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • NB signature dry technology
  • Made with 100% polyester and recyclable materials 

Manufactured with 100% polyester and recyclable materials, this running t-shirt is not only stylish, but is also fully breathable while utilising a moisture-wicking fabric thanks to New Balances signature Dry technology. 

The sleeves and logo at the front of the top are also highly reflective, helping you remain visible while running at night or in dark conditions. 

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3. Nike running t-shirt – men’s breathe running top 

Nike breathe men's running top (product recommendation)

Key features:

  • Nike’s signature dri-fit technology
  • 100% polyester design
  • Choice of different colours

Available in nine different colours, this short-sleeved running top from Nike is created with both dri-fit technology and a dri-fit breathe. As well as this, you’re also offered increased comfort with the 100% polyester design.

Please note that when washing, stick to 30 degrees or less to prevent shrinking or damage of the running top (this is the same with the majority of sports garments). 

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4. ASICS seamless short sleeve running t-shirt

ASICS seamless running t-shirt (product recommendation)

Key features:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric 
  • Split button for increased freedom of movement
  • Seamless design

Utilising a seamless design and a slightly longer length than the usual athletic fit, you’re offered increased comfort, all whilst maintaining style. Like many other running t-shirts, ASICS also make use of moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat away from the body while keeping us nice and cool when running.

Two additional features include a split bottom for increased freedom of movement and a mesh backline for further enhanced breathability.

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5. Asics crew neck running t-shirt

Asics running t-shirt product recommendation for men

Key features:

  • Tailored fit for improved movement
  • Technical fabric for increased sweat-wicking and breathability 
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing 

This functional running t-shirt should be a staple of every runner’s wardrobe. With a lightweight, next-to-skin feel and moisture-wicking design, you’re guaranteed comfort mile after mile, whether hitting up your daily commute to the office or heading out for that long Sunday run.

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6. New Balance heather tech short-sleeved t-shirt

New balance men's running t-shirt - product suggestion

The New Balance tech heather running top provides increased resistance to odours such as sweat, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Also, you’ll benefit from the reflective detailing, increasing visibility when running at night, alongside their dry technology to keep you cool, comfortable, and focused on your run.

Key features:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric and antimicrobial properties
  • NB dry technology to keep you cool and comfortable when running 
  • Allows a fluid range of motion & reflective logo for increased visibility 

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7. Inov-8 tri-blend running and training tee

Inov-8 tri-blend running and training tee - product recommendation for men

On the back of the tee, you’ll find a fun graphic, ‘forged in the fells’. However, alongside the fun design, you’ll benefit from the superior fit and cotton feel, all without sacrificing on moisture-wicking and technical material. Expect increased comfort mile after mile, with the unique and added technologies to enhance performance.

Key features:

  • Fun graphic on the back of the tee
  • Sweat-wicking, technical material for increased comfort
  • Superior fit and cotton feel

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8. Standard Inov-8 running logo tee

Standard Inov-8 running logo tee - product suggestion for men

Key features:

  • Durable and soft, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Natural cotton feel
  • Retains shape as you train or run 

You can’t go wrong with a standard Inov-8 running tee, showing your dedication to the trails and fells. Utilising a soft and moisture-wicking material, you’re in for a dry and comfortable run, mile after mile.

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9. Under Armour men’s tech 2.0 short-sleeved t-shirt

Under Armour men's short sleeved running top (product suggestion)

Key features:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Anti-odour technology
  • Comes in twelve different colours 

This training tee for men is lightweight, breathable, and manufactured using anti-odour technology. This increases comfort while keeping your top nice and fresh. However, that no excuse not to wash it once in a while!

Finally, for those with a more colourful taste, this running tee is also available in twelve different colours. These colours include red, royal blue, kinetic purple, and black.

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10. Proviz men’s running/cycling top 

Proviz men's running t-shirt (product recommendation)

Key features:

  • Highly reflective detailing
  • Moisture-wicking fabric

Proviz is well known for its extremely high-viz running and cycling jackets. However, now you can add to your collection with the addition of a short-sleeved running and/or cycling top. As you’d expect, the top contains highly reflective detailing to keep you safe and well-lit at night.

As well as this, the t-shirt is created using moisture-wicking fabric to keep us dry, comfortable, and performing mile after mile.

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11. TCA Men’s short-sleeved quick dry running/gym t-shirt

TCA Men's running top (product suggestion)

Key features:

  • Reflective detailing
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • 365 days + return policy 

TCA is creating quite the name for themselves with affordable, high-quality running, cycling, and gym wear for the fitness enthusiast.

This running t-shirt is no different. Utilising an atomic flash on the collar for a unique style and increased visibility, you’re sure to be looking great while remaining highly visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. 

Secondly, as you’d expect with all high-quality running and gym t-shirts, TCA also incorporates moisture wicking fabric with a super lightweight and breathable design. If this doesn’t convince you, then maybe their quality guarantee and 365 days + return policy might? 

Finally, if red isn’t your colour, there are four others to choose from. These colours are black, blue, graphite, and white.

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12. Time to run men’s technical running t-shirt

Time to run men's running top (product recommendation)

Key features:

  • Microbial fabric to eliminate odours
  • Choice of three different colours
  • 365-day return policy

Another brand that is also highly popular in the running world is time to run. This running t-shirt comes in three different colours, and also a twin pack if you’re looking for a set.

You’ll benefit from fast-wicking microbial fabric, mesh panels to increase breathability, and a lightweight design for increased comfort on the road, trail, or fells.

Finally, just like TCA, there is also a 365-day return policy if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. 

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13. ASICS silver short-sleeved top

ASICS short-sleeved running t-shirt (product suggestion)

Key features:

  • Stretch knit fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing 

Another product from ASICS, this short-sleeved training running t-shirt is created using stretch knit fabric for a comfortable fit, alongside moisture-wicking material to keep you dry when running.

A nice addition to this training top is the use of flatlock seams to reduce chafing when training – this makes it an especially great choice for those hot summer long-runs.

Likewise, if you’re looking for something a little more colourful than black, then you’re in luck. There is also a choice of either grey, blue, rogue, and red to choose from. 

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14. Akilek sports running t-shirt for men 

Men's running top - product recommendation

Key features:

  • 5-star review on Amazon
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Wide variety of colours to choose from
  • Reflective detailing 

With a five star review on Amazon, based on twenty-one individual ratings, this running t-shirt from Akilek is ideal for logging those long hard miles. Produced using professional moisture-wicking sports fabric, you’re sure to remain dry and comfortable when slogging those miles.

Furthermore, there is a wide variety of different colours and designs to choose from. These colours include dark blue, dark red, orange, and grey, to name a few.

Last but not least, this running t-shirt contains reflective detailing to keep you well-lit while running in low light conditions or at night. 

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15. Best budget running t-shirt – MKR short-sleeved sports tee

MRK men's running top (product suggestion)

Key features:

  • Affordable and perfect for beginners
  • Wide variety of different colours to choose from
  • 100% polyester
  • Breathable and lightweight

If you’re looking for an affordable staple training or running t-shirt, look no further then these from MKR. Coming in endless colours such as green, purple, red, and blue, this 100% polyester training top is comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and reflective even in the darkest of conditions.

Finally, there is also a total of 357 reviews with an average rating of four and a half stars. If that doesn’t say quality, especially on that price tag, we don’t know what does. 

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16. Nike breathe running t-shirt

Nike breathe running t-shirt 

Key features:

  • Sweat-wicking design and mesh back details to increase breathability 
  • Nike breathe signature fabric
  • Reflective Nike swoosh to increase visibility when running in low light conditions 

The Nike breathe running t-shirt is your new favourite go-to for everyday training, especially during the hot summer months. Utilising signature breathable fabric and mesh detailing, this tee will keep you cool and comfortable whether training in the gym, running intervals on the track, or out for your everyday morning or evening run.

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