30 Best running blogs to follow in 2020

Keep the motivation pumping with these thirty awesome running blogs.

Through hours of researching, reading, and looking at the occasional off-topic funny cat video, we’ve put together a list of thirty popular running blogs.

To choose these thirty running blogs, we’ve picked these based on a mixture of science, storytelling, relatability, and of course, a wealth of information. Be sure to add a couple to your reading list for that next lazy Sunday.

Also, if you have or know a running blog which is worth featuring be sure to get in touch and we’ll consider adding it this to the list. You can contact us by email or by filling out a form here.

1. Runner’s World 

Would it really be a list of popular running blogs without including the ever so famous Runner’s World? With a large team of writers, runners, and fitness enthusiasts, Runner’s World post daily with regular running tips, motivational stories, updates on Championship events, and product reviews to name a few.

2. The Run Experience

The Run Experience is one of our go-to running blogs for all things training. With advice including how to train for a 5k, how to get your nutrition in check, proper running form and technique, and plenty of motivation, we highly recommend checking them out! 

3. Women’s Running

Chances are you’ve heard of Women’s Running, it’s up there with some of the most popular running blogs. Women’s Running post frequent training advice, running news, nutrition, recipes, and even injury prevention tactics to take your running to the next level. 

4. Run to the finish 

Amanda Brooks is a certified running coach, fitness enthusiast, and owner of Run to the finish – a running blog designed to help ‘middle of the pack runners’ with all aspects of their training. This includes injury prevention, coaching, how to enjoy running, and even some healthy, yet super tasty recipes.    

5. Lazy Girl Running 

From skiving PE lessons to helping hundreds of Women start and return to running, Lazy Girl Running is a blog for those looking to increase training motivation through a variety of means. This includes a weekly podcast with inspiring athletes as well as updates on her own running progress and coaching classes. 

6. Hungry Runner Girl

Janae began running when she was just twelve-years-old with her older sister. Since then, she has completed more than ten marathons, was a high school health and PE teacher, and now blog owner of Hungry Runner Girl. Janae is super relatable and honest with her readers, providing advice on all things training and even life in some posts!

7. Lets Get Running

Let’s get running was formed back in 2011 by Great Britain’s Shaun Dixon. Shaun now provides experienced coaching to runners and even companies across both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. You may also enjoy their weekly podcast where Shaun and Jermaine interview guests from the world of athletics and endurance sports. 

8. Strength Running 

Jason Fitzgerald’s is a 2:39 marathoner, certified coach, an Amazon bestseller for his book ‘Running for health & happiness.’ Jason also helps thousands of runners to achieve their goals, increase motivation, and prevent injury through his blog and coaching services over at Strength Running. Popular blog posts include how to break the three-hour mark for the marathon, running technique made simple, and a wealth of posts on injury prevention.

9. Run Young 50

Katie Holmes has created a blog catered for older female runners who Katie felt were left out of the spotlight with less attention paid towards this age group. Visit Run Young 50, and you will find a wealth of interviews of over 50 Women runners, the history of Women’s endurance running, and a variety of other blog posts to increase your training motivation.

10. Ben Parkes

Ben Parkes is a 2:25 marathoner, running coach, and blog owner. Ben provides a wealth of knowledge mixed with personal experiences, making for quite the read. We recommend checking out some of his more popular articles such as recovery tips and tricks, how to fuel for long runs, and what to do when your race doesn’t go to plan.

11. Too fat to run

Too fat to run is one of the world’s only running resources and support sites specifically designed to cater for larger Women. The blog contains popular posts such as are your money issues you making FAT, 10 easy (ish) ways to start running, and why resolutions (just like diets) don’t work.

12. James Runs Far 

James, or as his friends like to call him ‘curly Williams’, runs far, as hinted at by the name of the blog. James offers a wealth of free training advice via his blog alongside paid coaching services available over at his site. We recommend checking out our favourite post of his on how to create a race strategy. 

13. Vegan Runners

If going green is your thing, we suggest giving the Vegan Runner’s blog a look. One member even completed a marathon dressed as a broccoli… now that is commitment. You will also find blog posts on topics such as how to make your running event more vegan-friendly, regular race reports and updates, and even club membership for as little as £6 a year to rep those vegan colours wherever and whenever.

14. Running Brina

Spreading the joy and power of running via her blog, Brina injects a huge sense of relatability paired with plenty of top tips and training advice. We particularly like her blog post on why runners should take prebiotics.  

15. Champion Running

Champion Running is a blog dedicated to running, the good the bad, the friendships, and of course, the countless number of achievements. Champion Running aims to inspire people to run and feel positive about their running – this can be seen through the wide variety of blog posts available. 

16. Badass Lady Gang

Originally ‘Run, selfie, repeat,’ Kelly has now switched up her ideas and started the blog ‘bad ass lady gang.’ If you can’t tell by the title, this blog is dedicated to strong, smart, united, driven, and funny Women who love fitness. Blog posts including training tips, inspiring stories, half-marathon and marathon tips, and so much more!

17. Belle’s Running Blog

Belle’s blog is for those who absolutely love and adore running. Sharing her personal experiences along with useful training advice, you’re sure to feel at home here. Likewise, if you’re interested in race reviews, Belle has plenty to dive into under her ‘race reviews’ section on her site. 

18. Ali On The Run

Ali is a freelance writer, podcast host, runner, blogger, and proud parent. Ali started her blog back in October of 2010 as a way to make new friends. Since then, Ali has had many popular blog posts, including how she started to run, reasons why you should run with friends, and the post about the day she finally felt like a runner.

19. The Runner Beans 

Created by Charlie Watson back in 2011, The Runners Beans blog provides highly inspirational and relatable blog posts alongside a fair share of race reports. Even for those who don’t run, this blog is a must follow if you enjoy the honest accounts and stories of somebody’s life.

20. The PHD Runner 

Created by Emma Neachell, The PHD Runner shares her running adventurers, advice, injuries, and even runs in unique locations around the country. If you’re looking for something different, yet refreshing, we highly recommend checking out her blog!

21. Fannetastic Food 

If you’re looking for healthy recipes look no further than Fannetasic Food! Anne is a registered dietician, runner, and blog writer who shares exercise tips, race recaps, health tips, and, of course, healthy yet super tasty meal ideas three to four times per week.

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22. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog 

Dr. Nick is a podiatrist specialising in foot and ankle surgery as well as a highly enthusiastic runner. Combing his two passions, Dr. Nick created his running blog, sharing his expert knowledge on running injuries, running form, and general all-round running health. As well as Dr. Nick’s expert advice on running injuries, you’ll also find plenty of up to date gear reviews to keep your running arsenal stocked up.

23. Runtastic 

Runtastic is up there with some of the best running blogs at the moment. With dedicated pages for cardio, strength, nutrition, daily habits, and success stories there’s plenty to dive into. Popular posts include whether or not you should eat carbs after an evening run, five training tips for effective muscle building, and finally how to start your digital detox and what you can expect from it.

24. Trail Sisters 

Gina founded Trail Sisters once she realised the lack of emphasis and resources directed towards women in outdoor sports. Therefore, with her new blog, Gina aspired to build a community of women to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle, while also exploring, adventuring, and protecting the earth’s playgrounds. We particularly like her regular updates providing us with greater insight into her personal adventure, in both life and in running.

25. iRunFar

The team at iRunFar bring you the latest trail and ultra-running news, tips to improve your running form, and many, many trail running shoe reviews! We particularly enjoy the mix of authors, making for an exciting read each and every blog post – certainly one to check out if you’ve found your usual reading to be a little stale.

26. Laura Norris Running

Laura Norris is a certified running coach, writer, long-distance runner, and outdoor enthusiast amongst other things. Laura’s blog contains everything you need to know about running from training tips such as running a marathon with a stroller to a host of product reviews, Laura’s blog is definitely one to check out! You may also stumble across Laura’s work on popular sites such as Women’s Running, Runkeeper, and Rainer Fruit.

27. Food Fitness Flora 

Beginning as early as fourteen years old, Flora mentions her relationship with food and exercise to be ‘dodgy’, consequently resulting in her often feeling unhappy. With the help of friends, family, doctors, and most notably her Instagram community, Flora was able to regain a sense of health both mentally and physically.

Since then, Flora still posts regularly on her Instagram, has set up a blog covering everything from overtraining as a runner to sustainability in the running community and also posts regular YouTube videos sharing her current training which includes running, boxing, and all-round fitness alongside race routines and the odd day in the life.

28. Run Mummy Run

Bringing together thousands of runners, Run Mummy Run has one of the warmest and most supportive online communities that supports women all over the world. With countless blog posts including post-pregnancy running tips, injury prevention, and how to prepare for your first race for life, you’re sure to find something worth a read here.

Whether you’re a new mum, a mother of five, or a single parent Run Mummy Run is full of useful running and training advice, be sure to check it out!

29. Run Eat Repeat 

Monica, founder of Run Eat Repeat is a holistic health coach and certified running coach who took up running after high-school to lose a little bit of weight. Thinking she would never run a race, Monica has now completed over fifty half-marathons and thirty full marathons in various locations including Juralsem, Las Vegas and New York.

On Monica’s blog you will find an extensive list of blog posts, recipes, training plans, and her very own podcast talking all things running. We’re a big fan of her Q&A themed posts, offering great depth into given topics such as marathon training.

30. VITA Train 4 Life 

Allie Burdick shares her running experiences, race reports, and in one case her platinum blonde hair. If you’re looking for a running blog with a personal touch look no further than Allie. We personally like her post on how to tidy up your entire life – worth a read if you’ve got a spare five minutes!

If you’d like to check out Allie’s impressive running achievements be sure to check the ‘VITA races’ page on her blog, available from the main tool bar.

* This post is updated regularly. If you feel you have a running blog suggestion, please do get in touch by filling out a contact form here!

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