6 Best reflective running jackets in 2021

6 Best reflective running jackets and other reflective running gear for those dark and cold wintery months.

5 Best reflective running jackets


Running at night, especially in the depths of the winter months, calls for a reflective running jacket. With the darker nights drawing in, remaining visible to oncoming traffic, road users, and pedestrians are essential to you and other’s safety.

For increased safety and visibility when running in low light conditions, you should ideally run with a running head torch, at the very least. A good head torch illuminates the road and path ahead, not to mention increasing visibility to oncoming traffic. However, while a head torch is a great start, it’s not enough to keep you safe, especially when running alone.

This article will provide you with six of the best reflective running jackets and other reflective running gear, allowing you to light up the trail, road, or path, increasing safety for all involved (road users included).

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1. Proviz reflect 360 silver cycling jacket

Key features:

  • 100% Reflective design for increased visibility when running, cycling or walking at night 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Micro-fleece collar
  • Underarm ventilation & adjustable waist 

Proviz is recognised as leaders in the reflective sports apparel industry, mainly for sports such as cycling and running. This silver reflective running jacket contains 360 reflectivity for increased visibility when running, cycling, or walking during low light conditions. Furthermore, the waterproof design makes this coat an ideal option for running in the winter, protecting you from the elements and allowing you to focus on your run.

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2. Rockay windbreaker jacket

Rockay windbreaker reflective running jacket

Key features:

  • 360-degree visibility
  • Packable into a convenient and small back pocket 
  • Motion-fitted design
  • Polygiene anti-odour technology
  • Multiple pockets

The Rockay windbreaker running jacket contains 360-degree visibility and other reflective details, increasing your visibility in all light conditions. As this jacket is motion-fitted, you will also benefit from unrestricted movement and enhanced breathability and ventilation zones.

Super lightweight in design, this is the ideal jacket for when the weather turns sour and you need a little extra protection on those late nights or early morning runs. The windbreaker running jacket can also be packed into a small back pocket for when you need it most (or don’t).

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3. Mountain warehouse Adrenaline women’s reflective running jacket

Key features:

  • IsoDry – waterproof & breathable membrane keeps moisture and rain out
  • Taped seams for increased waterproofing
  • High-visibility fabric to make you more visible in the dark
  • Choice of two colours: yellow & bright pink

This breathable reflective running jacket from Mountain warehouse makes use of a high-vis design to make you more visible when running in the dark. IsoDry technology provides enhanced waterproofing and breathability, preventing moisture build-up and keeping you dry mile after mile.

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4. New Balance reflective waterproof running jacket

New Balance core reflective running jacket (product recommendation)

Key features:

  • Durable ripstop shell that stands up against everyday wear and tear 
  • Athletic fit 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Hood 
  • Reflective details for increased visibility in low light conditions 

This reflective waterproof running jacket from New Balance contains an athletic fit and durable ripstop shell for increased comfort while running. The water-resistant design and hood shelters the wearer from the elements, whether light rain or intense downpour on the coldest and harshest of winter nights.

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5. Proviz women’s reflective 360 running Gilet

Key features:

  • Super lightweight design 
  • Comfortable soft mesh back 
  • 360-degree reflectivity for enhanced visibility from all directions 

This women’s reflective running gilet from Proviz has been designed to look great and to help you stand out when running at night. Lightweight in design, not only is the gilet comfortable and almost like a second skin, but the reflective material provides 360-degree reflectivity for other road users and passerby, increasing safety for all.

How it works: Millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads bounce back from vehicle headlights and other light sources, increasing visibility when out running, walking, or cycling in low light conditions.

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6. ActivRunner Performance high visibility running jacket

Key features:

  • High-visibility design with reflective silver trim 
  • Lightweight & waterproof
  • Full-length zip
  • Two side zipped pockets & two internal front pockets 

Our fifth and final reflective running jacket is from ActivRunner Performance. This neon lime jacket paired with a reflective silver trim is an excellent choice for those late-night runs. The lightweight design makes this jacket ideal for a variety of activities, not just running. Other activities include cycling, walking, and hiking. Finally, the full-length features an air vent for increased airflow, keeping you dry and focused on the run, no matter the weather.

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Other reflective running gear you may like

Alongside the six reflective running jackets, as seen above, we’ve also gathered together various other reflective running gear to help increase visibility when running in low light conditions – increasing your safety.

1. Proviz reflect 360 running cap

Key features:

  • Adjustable fit (fits up to 64 cm head circumference) 
  • Mesh fabric for increased breathability
  • Ideal for running, walking, and other activities
  • 100% reflective design for increased visibility when running at night 

The Proviz reflect 360 running cap is the perfect wardrobe staple for those cold, dark nights. The mesh fabric increases breathability and comfort, keeping you cool, dry, and ready to smash that next personal best. Containing an adjustable fit, this reflective running cap also fits all head sizes,

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2. Proviz reflect 360 waterproof gloves

Key features:

  • Full reflective 360 design for increased visibility when running in low light conditions 
  • Fully insulated and waterproof design 

Alongside a waterproof reflective running jacket, you’ve got to have a pair of reflective running gloves for those late-night training runs. Fully insulated and waterproof, these gloves from Proviz are ideal for those dark and soggy training runs were all so used to in the UK.

Related: 10 Pairs of running gloves to keep you warm this winter. 

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3. Ultimate Performance reflective running shoelaces

Key features:

  • Choice of eleven colours, including yellow, hot pink, navy, and orange 
  • Firm and comfortable secure fit
  • Reflective design for increased visibility in low light conditions 

To increase your visibility further when running at night, you can switch your regular running shoelaces with reflective ones. With a firm and secure fit and a wide choice of colours, you’re guaranteed to look stylish, perform well, and most importantly, remain visible mile after mile.

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The bottom line

There’s no better way to increase visibility when running at night than a reflective running jacket and head torch. Not only does this increase safety for you, but this alerts other road users as to precisely where you are on the roads or paths. increasing their safety, too.

Remember to wrap up warm this winter, but most importantly, to wear bright colours and highly visible clothing when running in low light conditions.

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