5 Tips to become fit and start your fitness journey

We’ve researched and created our top five tips to help you start and excel at your fitness journey.

Deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle can often be a daunting and challenging task. Below are 5 tips for sending you on your way to starting your fitness journey whilst keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

1. Invest in new fitness clothing/equipment

Investing in new fitness clothing is not only practical but also provides a greater incentive for starting your journey. Purchasing new items essentially places a commitment on yourself to engage with healthy, fit behaviour due to the monetary investment.

Likewise, investing in home fitness equipment, such as free weights or kettlebells, can be extremely beneficial. We suggest buying this equipment if short on time, live far away from the gym, or prefer working out at home.

By investing in fitness gear and or equipment, you are creating a sense of accountability and potential guilt if you do not follow through with your plans. These two components are essential motivators towards engaging in physical activity.

2. Find a friend

Starting a fitness journey by yourself can be a lonely and frankly boring experience for some. Why not find a friend or meet with group classes to get the best out of each other? Not only will you make new friends, but you will also create a further sense of accountability. Exercising with others will also allow you to push each other through tough sessions.

3. Find an activity which you enjoy

Whether you’ve found a friend or not to start your fitness journey, it is essential to find an activity in which you actually enjoy. You’re much more likely to continue participating in an activity which provides a sense of enjoyment in comparison to an activity which is boring and repetitive. Activites you may want to choose from include running, yoga and spinning classes.

4. Track your progress

It can often be challenging to see how far you’ve come since starting your fitness journey. Purchasing a simple notepad or using apps such as notes allows you to account for each session you have completed.

We suggest taking notes on the duration, intensity, and any personal bests you achieved during your session. This will allow you to compare your progress from the start of your journey to the present.

5. Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals is particularly important in fitness. Unrealistic goals, such as aiming to run a marathon with 2 weeks of training, will undoubtedly lead to disappointment and frustration. Instead, setting realistic short term goals such as seeking to run or cycle three times in the next week provides structure and satisfaction once accomplished.

We recommend setting short and long term goals. These will allow you to work towards much more difficult goals while staying motivated along the way. An example of a long term goal is completing a marathon, whereas a short term goal may be running 20 miles per week.

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