6 Tips to help you find the time to run or train

Working long hours, chauffeuring the kids, and spending time with family leaves us virtually no time left to run or train.

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Finding the time to run or train in the current day is near enough impossible for some. Working long hours, chauffeuring the kids around, and spending time with family leaves more or less no time for running or training. Although it may seem impossible, we have gathered together six top tips to help you squeeze in that run or quick workout session a few times a week.

1. Train first thing

Although the warmth of your bed may tell you otherwise, training first thing in the morning is an easy way to squeeze in a quick run or workout before anyway is awake. Training in the morning is an easy way to keep your evening free while still being able to train. Perfect for those who love mornings, and if you don’t… well, there’s always coffee?

2. Run to work

Cycling to work has become more popular over recent years, and so has running. Well, not quite as much. However, running to work is a great way to get your run in while conquering your daily commute. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save fuel. It’s worth checking beforehand if your work has shower facilities which you can use, there’s nothing worse than stinking out the office the entire day.

You may be thinking, how on earth am I going to get home? Well, you could hitch a ride with a friend, take the bus or even the train If you can!

3. Run at lunchtime

If running to work is either too far or not your cup of tea, why not run during your lunch break. With most of us given an hour for lunch, this is plenty of time to squeeze in a quick run or workout while still having time to eat. Once again, be sure to check if there are any shower facilities at work beforehand.

4. Up the intensity

If struggling to run or workout six or seven days a week, consider upping the intensity of one or two of your sessions. This will grant you an extra rest day while also reducing the time of your existing sessions. A shorter yet harder workout will work wonders for our fitness.

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5. Schedule your run or workout into your day

If struggling to find time to run or workout, consider scheduling your run or workout into your day. This can be done by choosing the days in which you want to train and setting a specific time to lace up and get the job done. Let others know of your schedule and make sure you’re not to be interrupted!

While you’re looking at your schedule, it may be worth seeing if any activities your currently doing is a waste of time and instead could be replaced with a run or workout. For example, instead of partying on a Friday night, you could easily squeeze in a 30-minute run and feel a lot better for it in the morning.

6. Did someone say DREADMILL?

As much as we hate to say it, the treadmill is always a great option if short on time. Having a treadmill or cross trainer in the garage is a great way to fit in a run or workout late at night or early in the morning without the need to leave the house. Perfect if you’re on kid watch, a night-owl or simply have no time left in the day to run or workout.

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