6 Best reflective running jackets in 2023

Increase visibility and train with confidence with our six best reflective running jackets.

Woman wearing a reflective running jacket

Running at night, especially in the depths of the winter months calls for a reflective running jacket.

With the darker nights drawing in, remaining visible to oncoming traffic, road users, and pedestrians are essential.

When running in low light conditions, you should ideally run with a running head torch, at the very least.

A good head torch illuminates the road and path ahead, not to mention increases visibility to oncoming traffic. However, while a head torch is a great start, it’s not enough to keep you safe, especially when running alone.

This article will provide you with six of the best reflective running jackets and other reflective running gear, allowing you to light up the trail, road, or path, increasing safety and allowing you to train with confidence.

The best reflective running jackets, in order

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1. Proviz reflect 360 reflective running jacket

Award winning 360 reflective design

Key features:
  • 100% Reflective design for increased visibility
  • Micro-fleece collar
  • Waterproof & well ventilation for improved breathability

Proviz is recognised as leaders in the reflective sports apparel industry, mainly for sports such as cycling and running.

This silver reflective running jacket contains 360 reflectivity for increased visibility when running, cycling, or walking during low light conditions.

The waterproof design makes this coat an ideal option for running in the winter, protecting you from the elements and allowing you to focus on your run.

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It goes without saying that one particular benefit of this jacket is the extreme reflective design – providing excellent visibility while running in the morning or at night.

When it comes to reflective running jackets, it’s a real challenge to beat and difficult to argue with.

With this being said, some runners reported the jacket to lack breathability, getting sweaty pretty quickly and almost feeling a little stuffy – just something to keep in mind.

2. Higher State reflective waterproof running jacket

Best overall value

Higher State reflective running jacket for men
(Image Credit: Sportsshoes)
Key features:
  • Fully reflective design increases visibility and safety
  • Chest pockets for storing small items
  • Water-resistant & covering hood

This reflective waterproof running jacket from Higher State provides optimal comfort while running thanks to the anatomical design.

Similar to other jackets, including the BHR Hi-Vis (number six on our list), you also benefit from a chest pocket, ideal for storing small items such as cash, keys, or even your smartphone.

Much more affordable than other reflective running gear and waterproof jackets, this one from Higher State is super lightweight, portable, and reflective – everything you need from a reflective piece of kit.

There is, however, only one pocket – located on the chest. And while this is big enough to fit a smartphone and other items, if you’re looking for a reflective jacket with multiple pockets, you may wish to consider a different option, such as the previously mentioned one by BTR.

3. Mountain warehouse Adrenaline reflective waterproof women’s running jacket

Most versatile

Key features:
  • IsoDry – waterproof & breathable membrane keeps moisture and rain out
  • High-visibility fabric
  • Chest and back pockets

This breathable women’s reflective running jacket from Mountain warehouse makes use of a high-vis design to increase visibility when running in the dark.

The IsoDry technology provides enhanced waterproofing without sacrificing breathability, preventing that moisture build-up and keeping you dry on your run.

The breathability is somewhat similar to the Proviz reflect 360, also providing excellent reflective detailing and a superior waterproof design.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option yet still holds up similar to the reflect 360, then this is the jacket for you.

Despite this, a potential downside for some runners is the lack of a hood. You may also need to order a size or two larger than usual, especially if you plan on wearing multiple layers for those colder runs.

4. Higher State waterproof trail reflective running jacket

Best for tackling the elements

Higher State waterproof trail reflective running jacket
(Image Credit: Sportsshoes)
Key features:
  • Waterproof & windproof design
  • Zipped chest pocket for storing the essentials
  • Technical fit

The Higher State waterproof trail running jacket is designed for tackling the toughest elements.

Wind and waterproof, protection against UV, and highly reflective, if you’re a keen trail runner, then this is the jacket for you.

Similar to other reflective running jackets in this list, this coat also provides 360-degree reflectivity. Although, not quite as impressive as the Proviz reflect 360.

When it’s not raining you can pack the jacket into its own pocket, strapped to your waist using the bungee cord.

Despite this, you may find it a little difficult to pack the jacket into its pouch. However, once it’s done, it’s done.

5. Proviz reflect 360 running Gilet

Excellent for colder runs

Key features:
  • Super lightweight design
  • Comfortable soft mesh back
  • 360-degree reflectivity

This women’s reflective running gilet from Proviz has been designed to look great and to help you stand out when running at night.

Lightweight in design, not only is the gilet comfortable and almost like a second skin, but the reflective material provides 360-degree reflectivity for other road users and passerby – similar to the regular Proviz 360 jacket.

While it isn’t a running jacket, it is a great piece of kit for increasing visibility, easily worn over other layers, whether a thermal, three-quarter zip-top or even a regular waterproof jacket.

How it works: millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads bounce back from vehicle headlights and other light sources, increasing visibility when out running, walking, or cycling in low light conditions.

6. BTR High-vis running and cycling jacket

Plenty of pockets

Key features:
  • Four pockets
  • Snug but comfortable fit
  • 360-degree visibility

Our sixth and final reflective running jacket is this one from BTR. Slightly more affordable than other available options, you still benefit from numerous features.

For example, the coat is highly reflective, fits well, and wicks moisture away with ease.

It is on the heavier side, however, and not as lightweight as other options on our list. Also, it appears more High-Vis than reflective – something to keep in mind if you intend on running in the dark.

Other reflective running gear you may like

Alongside the six reflective running jackets, as seen above, we’ve also gathered together various other reflective running gear to help increase visibility when running in low light conditions – increasing your safety.

Proviz reflect 360 running cap

Key features:

  • Adjustable fit (fits up to 64 cm head circumference)
  • Mesh fabric for increased breathability
  • 100% reflective design for increased visibility when running at night

The Proviz reflect 360 running cap is the perfect wardrobe staple for those cold, dark nights. The mesh fabric increases breathability and comfort, keeping you cool, dry, and ready to smash that next personal best.

Much like other reflective running gear from Proviz, this hat is no different in its reflective design – offering supreme visibility in those low light conditions.

The breathable design also makes this hat suitable for running in the rain (or other adverse conditions), quick-drying and great for battling the weather and getting on with your run.

Some runners mentioned the sizing to be a little off, including people finding it too big and others too small – so we recommend sizing up before purchasing to avoid disappointment!

Proviz reflect 360 waterproof gloves

Key features:

  • Full reflective 360 design for increased visibility
  • Completely insulated and waterproof design
  • Micro-fleece lining prevents heat from escaping

Alongside a reflective running jacket, you’ve got to have a pair of reflective running gloves for those late-night runs.

Fully insulated and waterproof, these gloves from Proviz are ideal for those dark and soggy training runs that were all so used to in the UK.

As with all Proviz reflective running gear, the reflective details ensure you remain safe and visible, whether caught out in the dark or heading for an early morning slog.

Aside from this, there are warmer gloves available, but these are certainly a top contender for the most reflective.

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Ultimate Performance reflective running shoelaces

Key features:

  • Choice of eleven colours, including yellow, hot pink, navy, and orange
  • Firm and comfortable secure fit
  • Highly reflective

To further increase your visibility when running at night, you can wear reflective running shoelaces.

With a firm and secure fit and a wide choice of colours, you’re guaranteed to look stylish, perform well, and most importantly, remain visible mile after mile.

Higher State neck gaiter for running

Higher State reflective neck gaiter for running
(Image Credit: Sportsshoes)

Key features:

  • Adaptable and comfortable fit
  • Sweat-wicking & breathable design
  • Pack of two

There are few pieces of running gear quite as versatile as the neck gaiter. Coming in a pack of two, you’ll not only keep your neck warm, but you increase visibility.

The fit is adaptable and comfortable, allowing you to endure those colder nights running or cycling.

Oh, and you also have a choice of six colours – so there’s a gaiter for everyone!

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