Best running water bottle: a choice of 12

Looking for a new running water bottle? Here’s twelve to choose from!

Running water bottles - product recommendations including in the post

Staying hydrated while running is essential, especially on hot summers days or on your weekly long-run. Drinking too little and not while running increases your risk of dehydration – reducing your sports performance and slowing you down.

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Therefore, on runs longer than sixty-minutes in duration, or if it’s hot outside, we suggest carrying a water bottle to sip on while running. This will take the guessing game out of becoming dehydrated while keeping you cool on those hot summer days.

As you’ve probably guessed, a water bottle is extremely versatile. You can choose to run with it, bring it to work, take it to the gym, and anything in-between. With such a wide selection of running water bottles available, we picked out top ten to keep you hydrated.

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1. Inov-8 soft flask 0.25l

Key features:

  • Light and compressible
  • Super-versatile
  • Easy to clean and re-use 

The Inov-8 soft flask 0.25l may only hold a small volume of liquid, but this sleek and light design is easy to carry, comfortable to run with, and finally dishwasher safe, reliable, and re-usable.

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2. Salomon soft water bottle (250ml)

Salomon running water bottle - product suggestion

Key features:

  • Super-versatile 
  • Soft
  • Ideal for running during the summer

This soft, transparent running water bottle from Salomon is excellent for those looking to carry a small amount of fluid without the hassle of a full-size, proper water bottle. With a soft design, this water bottle is super versatile, lightweight, and ideal for running during the hot months.

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3. Inov-8 race ultra 250ml

Key features:

  • Pockets to hold running gels & other essentials
  • Adjustable bungee handstrap for a secure hold

This running water bottle from Inov-8 is great for those longer runs. With small pockets to hold keys, running gels, or other essentials alongside an adjustable bungee handstrap you’re guaranteed a secure fit step after step.

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4. Rundo 2x running water bottle set 

Product recommendation

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-leak design
  • Contains two bottles

This set of two water bottles includes a handheld and a fist bottle, both with valve caps. Both of these bottles are ergonomically designed and perfect for running – providing a no-hassle, lightweight, approach to carrying water when running.

Secondly, the one-way valve prevents the bottles from leaking. Whether on the run or in your bag, no one appreciates a leaky water bottle – especially when it ruins all of your stuff.

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5. Ultimate performance Men’s kidlder handheld bottle 

Ultimate performance men's running water bottle - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Comfortable handheld strap for running
  • Holds up to 600ml of fluid
  • Zipped pocket for valuables

Unlike the others suggested so far, this running water bottle from ultimate performance contains a comfortable handheld strap for running. Holding up to 600ml of fluid as well as providing a zipped pocket for valuables, and a high-viz trim, there’s plenty of selling points for the kidlder bottle.

We personally like the inclusion of the padded moisture-wicking hand strap keeping you comfortable, sweat-free, and running mile after mile while remaining hydrated.

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6. MyCarbon running belt with water bottle holder 

Key features:

  • Kangaroo pouch pocket 
  • Ideal for long runs
  • No need to carry
  • Fully adjustable


One option for runners who aren’t fond of carrying a water bottle when running is a running belt which stores a water bottle. With an adjustable fit and a large kangaroo pouch (with a zipped internal pocket), you can safely store your valuables (phone, credit cards, cash, etc.). This running belt is ideal for long runs, running on the trails, or even the fells. 

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7. Inov-8 1litre reservoir running water bottle

Inov-8 1l reservoir - running water bottle

Key features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Flater shape to reduce rolling effect
  • Highly versatile

Although not necessarily a water bottle, this one liter reservoir can be placed in a variety of packs and vests to increase the volume of fluid carried at a given time – perfect for long trail runs.

The flatter design increases versatility and reduces the rolling effect, all while providing you with an easy method of ingesting fluid during those long, hot runs.

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8. Contigo swish autoseal

Sports water bottle - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Leakproof and auto sealed
  • Push-button 

Ideal for running on the treadmill in the gym or carrying around work, this switch water bottle is both leakproof and auto sealed. Preventing your water from spilling while utilising a push-button for drinking on the go, this water bottle is great for drinking on the go while minimizing spillage. 

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9. Ultimate performance 300ml water bottle 

Ultimate performance running water bottle

Key features:

  • Choice of five different colours
  • Holds up to 300ml of fluid
  • Won’t break the bank 

Coming in five different colours, this super affordable 300ml handheld water bottle is great for running, hiking, walking, and other sports. With 46 ratings on Amazon and an average of 3.5 stars, this bottle does exactly what it says on the tin and all for a price which won’t break the bank.

Finally, the bottle also includes a sealable cap to prevent spillage while either running or carrying the water bottle around. 

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10. Karrimor unisex X lite running belt and bottle

Product suggestion

Key features:

  • Zipped pocket to store valuables
  • Stylish design
  • Perfect for fell and trail running 

This running belt and bottle from Karrimor is unisex, stylish, and contains a zipped pocket for small valuables such as cash and keys. If you’re not a fan of the Karrimor water bottle itself, you can replace this for a bottle of your choice secured with the cord provided with the belt.

Utilising a unisex and stylish design, you can remain hydrated while looking the real deal whether you’re hitting the road, fells, or trails. 

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11. HIGH5 running water bottle with ten tabs 

HIGH 5 running water bottle including hydration tablets - product suggestion

Key features:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Handheld
  • Contains HIGH5 tablets

If you’re after a small, lightweight, and handheld running water bottle with FREE ten ZERO berry tablets from HIGH5, then look no further than this bottle. 

The tablets themselves create a sugar-free, electrolyte drink designed to replace sweat and stay hydrated when running. Electrolyte tablets can be a good choice on a hot summer’s day as we prone to sweating more – potentially affecting our running performance if running long distances while not taking in enough fluids.

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12. COTOP portable dog water bottle 

Portable dog water bottle - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Portable
  • Keeps your dog happy and hydrated 

If running with a dog, you may look to invest in a portable dog water bottle. Keeping your dog hydrated on a hot day is just as important as keeping yourself hydrated.

However, remember than in temperatures hotter than 25 degrees Celcius it’s best to leave your pet at home as the weather that hot will do more harm than good.

For more information on running with your dog, you can check out our blog post on the ultimate guide to running with your dog.

This small dog water bottle from COTOP is easy to carry, lightweight, and leak-proof to prevent water from spilling in your bag, running belt, or wherever you choose to store it.

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