Rockay Norrebro running water bottle review

A review of the new Rockay Norrebro running water bottle, a fully sustainable approach to our most common sporting problem – hydration.

Rockay running water bottleWith there being so many pieces of kit for such a simple sport, the running water bottle often gets overlooked. In recent years, more and more people are choosing sustainable and re-usable water bottles over traditional plastic ones – this is great to see. This slow but gradual transition is excellent for the environment, reducing plastic waste and perhaps planting the seed for other sustainable behavioural changes.

The Rockay Norrebro running water bottle is no different – a sleek, sustainable, and stainless steel design, manufactured not only for running, but for everyday use, too. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using this new Rockay water bottle for running, thoroughly testing it for the purpose of this review.

This article is a review of the Rockay Norrebro running water bottle, highlighting the key features of the design, pros and cons, and whether or not it’s worth the money.

Please note: this is not a sponsored post; all thoughts and opinions are my own. However, I would like to thank the team at Rockay for sending me the running water bottle for the purpose of this review. Nevertheless, this post does contain an affiliate link to Rockay in which I may earn a commission from eligible purchases.

Key features

The Rockay Norrebro water bottle for running boasts many impressive features. However, as you’ve likely already noticed, the bottle appears to be designed more for everyday use, as opposed to your classic handheld sports bottle. Nonetheless, key features of the bottle include:

  • Fully recycled and sustainable design (including the packaging)
  • Insulated design
  • Attachment handle

I will now explain each of these key features in more detail below.

Fully recycled and sustainable design

All Rockay products are created using recycled materials, adopting a sustainable approach to sportswear and gear – this bottle is no different. The body of the bottle is made from recycled stainless steel, the screw-top lid from re-used plastic, and the packaging minimal and cardboard.

In particular, the cardboard packaging was a great addition – it now even has a new home serving as a pen pot holder. This is something I would like to see more companies pushing for in the near future – not only sustainability, but recycling and finding new uses for products and packaging, too.

Insulated design

Following on from the trend that is insulated bottles, Rockay did not disappoint with their attempt. The bottle will keep your drinks hot for twelve hours or cold for twenty-four hours, tried and tested. You can even add a little ice to get the temperature nice and cold before drinking, perfect for after training.

If you’re travelling or perhaps find yourself often running late, then the insulated design will definitely benefit you, whether a hot up of coffee or other fluids to keep you going until lunch.

Attachment handle

Finally, there is also a convenient attachment handle found at the top of the bottle. This doesn’t need much explaining, but it is a welcomed feature, especially when you’re carrying a hot drink. You can also attach the bottle to a bag or other piece of kit if you’re on the go, saving space and allowing you convenient access to your drink at all times.

Pros of the Rockay Norrebro running water bottle

From testing the Rockay Norrebro water bottle for running, there are three main things I liked about the bottle, including:

  • The top is leak proof
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Ideal for travelling or for those constantly on the go

Once again, these will now be explained in greater detail.

The top is leak proof

For starters, the Rockay running water bottle screw top is leakproof. This is a great addition, especially if you plan on using the water bottle throughout the day and not just for your run or during your workout as I do. You can happily throw it in your kit bag with no worries of getting your kit wet or ruined – much more impressive and secure than other, perhaps cheaper water bottles out there.

Sleek and beautiful design

There’s no denying the sleek and beautiful design of the Rockay Norrebro water bottle. However, not only does it look great, but it’s easy to clean and doesn’t build up a bad odour, even once you’ve had a hot drink or two in it.

Ideal for travelling or those constantly on the go

When testing the water bottle, I not only used it for everyday use and during training, but also while travelling. Thrown away in my bag the bottle did not leak and takes up little to no room – ideal for those constantly on the go. However, with this being said, the bottle isn’t the best for during your run – but more on this in a bit.

Cons of the Rockay water bottle for runners

Following on from the pros of the bottle, there were also a few potential downsides. Cons of the bottle included:

  • The scew top design is not ideal for drinking while on the go
  • Best for before or after a run as opposed to during

The screw top design is not ideal for drinking on the go/running

While the screw-top design ensures no leaks and a secure fit, it does make drinking out of the bottle when running difficult, to say the least. For running, I prefer a bottle with an easy to use cap or straw, reducing your risk of spillage and allowing you to consume enough fluid with little to no interruption or hassle.

Best for before or after a run as opposed to during

Following on from my previous point, I would say the Rockay running water bottle is better suited for everyday use and between workouts as opposed to using during your run. If you’re looking for a pure running water bottle, then perhaps consider a handheld design or straw design.

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To buy or not to buy?

It’s time for the big question again: should you buy or should you avoid the Rockay Norrebro water bottle for runners? We recommend buying! Although not the best mid-run, this water bottle is great for gym sessions, trackside, or throughout everyday life, rocking a sleek design and contributing to a sustainable future.

Rockay Norrebro running water bottle

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Frequently asked questions

To finish, I’ve gathered a few frequently asked questions about the bottle:

is the Rockay running water bottle created using recycled materials?

Yes! The bottle is created using recycled materials, contributing to a sustainable future.

Does the bottle contain a straw attachment?

No, unfortunately not. Instead there is only a screw-top lid. This is not the best for mid-run, but great for everyday use.

Is it safe to drink out of a metal water bottle?

Yes it is completely safe! The bottle is BPA free approved, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

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