Running for health: 5 benefits of regular running

Regular running hosts an array of health benefits. To help you on your way here’s five.

Many of us run for different reasons, whether this is for our overall health, fitness, to train for a race or even for fun. But what exactly are the benefits of running? To answer this question, we have gathered together five key benefits routine exercise and running has on the mind and body.

1.    Weight loss/maintenance

It is common knowledge that exercise burns calories, resulting in weight loss, granted you are eating less than you are expending. Both your weight and your running speed will determine the number of calories you can burn per hour. To provide an example, Healthline report that a 120-pound person burns roughly 11.4 calories per minute while running. If this person runs a 10-minute mile, then they’ll burn an estimated 114 calories for 10-minutes of running.

2.     Happiness

Running (and physical activity) release chemicals known as endorphins, these are often referred to as ‘feel-good hormones.’ Endorphins trigger a positive effect within the body, known in the running world as a ‘runners high.’ These feel-good hormones have also been known to reduce the impact of medical conditions including depression and anxiety.

3.    Stronger bones

A study from the University of Missouri suggests that high-impact activities such as running may have a more significant effect on BMD (bone mineral density) than activities such as resistance training. Improved bone mineral density equals stronger bones, essential for performing daily activities. Improving BMD is especially important, given that Osteoporosis is now affecting over 200 million people worldwide.

4.    Reduced risk of a stroke

Regular running and exercise help lower our blood pressure. Maintaining healthy blood pressure is essential to reducing your risk of a stroke, blood clots, and further heart-related problems. According to the NHS UK, adults should aim to be active for a minimum of 150-minutes per week.

5.    Improved mental health

Running, or exercise in general, is excellent for improving your mental health. Whether suffering from depression, anxiety, or just feeling lonely, running acts as psychological therapy to clear your head, feel good about yourself and of course make use of those feel-good endorphins! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your trainers, phone a friend, and get out that door!

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