10 Best winter running gear items for men

Use these ten pieces of winter running gear to make those cold months that little bit more bearable.

10 Best winter running gear items for men

If you’re like us, then chances are you too are not the biggest fan of running in the winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark, and it’s damn right miserable. Therefore, high-quality winter running gear is essential to stay warm, safe, and to remain visible at all times. Oh, and to look stylish out on the road or trail. With winter just around the corner, we’ve taken our pick at ten of the best winter running gear essentials for men.

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Before we get into it, we must answer the following question: what exactly should we be wearing when running in the winter? Generally, we want to wrap up nice and warm with multiple layers – this can include thermals, long-sleeved tops, and other warm running gear.

You’ll want to invest in at least one, if not a couple of half-zips, a thermal, running leggings for when it enters the minus temperatures, a few long-sleeved tops, and of course, a headtorch to see where we’re going on those late yet satisfying runs in the dark.

Without further or do, here’s our top winter running gear picks for men.

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1. USB rechargeable running headtorch

USB rechargeable running head torch - winter running gear product recommendation

Key features:

  • Perfect for beginners with an affordable price tag
  • USB rechargeable 
  • 150m visibility
  • 2000 + positive reviews on Amazon 

A headtorch is a piece of kit a runner cannot go without during the winter months. With up to 30 hours of battery on a full charge, this running headtorch is ideal for long runs and logging those daily miles. As this head torch is USB rechargeable, this is super convenient and ideal not only for running, but for any other sporting activities (even walking) in low light conditions.

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2. Touchscreen winter running gloves

Touchscreen running gloves - product suggestion

Key features:

  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Fleece lining for added warmth 
  • Choice of four different sizes 

Coming in four different sizes and utilising touchscreen pads, these touchscreen running gloves are ideal for running or cycling. The touchscreen design allows you to use your smartphone without removing the gloves, helping you remain warm thanks to the addition of the fleece lining, even in the coldest of conditions.

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3. Under armour coldgear running thermal

Under armour running thermal - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Compression design
  • Anti-odour technology
  • Great for running in the winter 

This under armour coldgear running thermal fits like a second skin thanks to the compression design, making for a great base layer during winter. Created with anti-odour-technology, you can rest assured you’ll remain comfortable, hygienic, and most importantly, warm while out logging those frosty miles. We recommend wearing a long-sleeve or half-zip over a thermal to maximise heat gain.

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4. Nike men’s team performance beanie

Nike beanie - product suggestion

Key features:

  • Designed for increased warmth and added comfort
  • Reflective swoosh increases visibility 

During the winter months, you’ll want something to keep those ears warm. We recommend the Nike men’s performance beanie – a must-have piece of winter running gear. Created for warmth and comfort, this beanie will put you through even in the toughest of elements, all while looking stylish. With a reflective swoosh design, you’ll also benefit from added visibility in low light conditions.

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5. Rockay men’s glacier blue long-sleeved top

Rockay men's long-sleeved glacier blue running top - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Warming and soft-brushed inner fabric
  • Wind protective design
  • Polygiene anti-odour technology
  • Sustainable design (made with recycled fabric)
  • 360-degree visibility 

The Rockay men’s long-sleeved quarter-zip top is a perfect addition to your winter running gear wardrobe. The warming and soft-brushed inner fabric will keep you warm on the coldest of runs, further complemented by the wind-protective chest panel design.

You will also benefit from 360-degree visibility, increasing your safety during those cold early morning or late night training runs. Finally, the recycled fabric design helps fight ocean waste and contributes to increased sustainability. It’s a win, win.

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6. Rockay windbreaker jacket

Rockay windbreaker reflective running jacket - winter running gear product suggestion

Key features:

  • Polygiene anti-odour technology
  • Multiple zipped pockets
  • Durable wind-resistant fabric
  • Reflective details on front and back 

When the weather turns for the worst, which in the UK seems to be at least every other day, you can’t go wrong with a windbreaker running jacket. The wind-resistant fabric helps keep you warm and comfortable, allowing you to push boundaries even amongst the toughest of winds and foul weather.

The jacket utilises a motion fitted design to ensure non-restrictive movement when running, and is also lightweight and easily packable and portable – great for those longer runs when the weather may turn at any moment.

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7. Adidas men’s response winter running tights

Nike men's winter running tights - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Soft and stretchy fabric to increase comfort while running 
  • Stylish

A high-quality pair of running tights such as these from Adidas are great for staying warm and dry during the colder months. Created with soft, stretchy fabric, these running tights are towards the higher end of comfort, perfect for logging mile after mile whether early in the morning or late in the evening.

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8. High visibility waistcoat

High visibility vest - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Increased visibility while running 
  • Lightweight & breathable design 

You can never be too cautious with safety, especially when running at night. Created using lightweight and breathable materials, this waistcoat is reflective from up to 200m away. With an optional LED light strip, your visibility will increase significantly when used.

This waistcoat is also not just for running, it’s also ideal for cycling or walking at night – you’re sure to get many uses of this high visibility waistcoat.

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9. Nike long-sleeved running top

Nike long-sleeved running top - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Choice of over twenty different colours
  • Breathable material to increase comfort while running 

The Nike long-sleeved running top for men is available in over twenty different colours, an ideal base layer for those lower temperature runs. We recommend picking up several long-sleeved tops and using these in rotation, allowing you to remain warm whenever you’re jogging around the neighbourhood or chasing a personal best.

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10. Danish Endurance merino wool running socks

Danish Endurance merino wool winter running gear - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Sweat-wicking and breathable design
  • Merino wool ensures your feet remain dry & warm 
  • Anti-blister and enhanced cushioning

The last piece of winter running gear we have for you is a pair of merino wool socks from Danish Endurance. Merino wool helps remove moisture and water away from the skin as a vapour, improving warmth and allowing your feet to remain comfortable and dry, even during the worst weather conditions.

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