Running accessories: 30 must-have items in 2022

Thirty of the best running accessories to choose from in 2022, including GPS watches, compression sleeves, and the latest kicks from Nike.

Best running accessoriesFor a sport that is seemingly so simple, requiring little to no equipment aside from a pair of running shoes, there are hundreds of running accessories stocking the shelves. You’ve got phone holders, GPS running watches, headbands, and heart rate monitors  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Over the years, the technology and running accessories associated with running have grown massively. Now, there is a piece of kit for every scenario, every run, workout, or daily commute. Heck, you can even log your daily steps in an attempt to improve your overall mental and physical health.

This article will provide you with thirty of the best running accessories for men and women in 2022, beginning with a pair of compression running socks from Rockay.

The best running accessories, in no particular order

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1. Rockay compression running socks

Rockay Vigor compression running socksKey features:

  • Odour free
  • Increased blood flow and faster recovery between runs and workouts
  • Created using 100% recycled materials
  • Anti-blister and comfortable design

The Rockay compression running socks are a much-needed piece of kit, keeping you in top shape year-round. When you’re not chasing personal bests, these comfy and recycled material socks will decrease your recovery times. Equally, these are just as good for lounging around the house after a long run.

For more details, you can read our full review of the Rockay Vigor compression running socks.

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2. Garmin forerunner 245 GPS running watch

Key features:

  • Analyses training status to indicate whether you’re overtraining, undertraining, etc.
  • Measures advanced running dynamics including cadence, stride length, and ground contact time
  • Safety & tracking features to share your location with select contacts

When it comes to running accessories, there’s nothing quite like a top of the line GPS running watch. The Garmin forerunner 245 is the ultimate piece of kit, measuring various metrics you never knew you needed and helping you take your training to the next level.

In particular, the safety and tracking features help keep you safe, especially great when running at night or in a rough part of town.

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3. Powerbeats pro wireless sweat-resistant earphones

Key features:

  • Up to nine hours of listening time
  • Secure hook design ear fit
  • Charging case included

If you enjoy listening to music when you run, which let’s face it, most of us do, you have to try the powerbeats pro. With up to nine hours of listening time, these are ideal for long runs and commutes, or maybe even just sitting in the office. Besides, they look great!

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4. Running accessories phone holder

Running accessories phone holder

Key features:

  • Reflective strip for increased visibility
  • Compatible with several devices
  • Includes storage for small items, including cash, lipstick, and keys

Every year we see more and more running accessories released. However, a favourite for many runners is a classic phone holder case. This one by Gritin is compatible with numerous devices, both iPhone and Android included. You’ll also benefit from the small storage pocket for valuables, keeping them dry and secure on your run.

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5. Rockay performance run tights for men

Rockay mens performance run tights

Key features:

  • HeiQ Fresh odour control technology
  • Dedicated smartphone pocket
  • Made from recycled materials

The Rockay performance run tights is our best overall running tights for men. With a dedicated smartphone pocket and a recycled design, there’s not much more you can ask for. Oh, and you also benefit from the fresh odour control, allowing you to run multiple times before washing if you really want. We won’t tell if you don’t?

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6. Neck Gaiter face cover

Neck Gaiter face cover

Key features:

  • Comfortable & breathable fabric
  • Stylish
  • One size fits all (adjustable)

If you’re bored of wearing regular facemasks, then you should consider wearing a face cover or buff. Not only are these great for running, but now an essential when nipping out to the shops or walking around a busy city centre.

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7. Oakley Radar EV running sunglasses for men

Oakley Radar EV running sunglasses for men

Key features:

  • Top UV protection filtering
  • Strong, durable and designed for athletes
  • Case and cleaning cloth included

If you’re running during the summer, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Oakley sunglasses. When it comes to running accessories, there’s nothing better to keep you protected from the sun. With a convenient and compact travel case, you can take these anywhere with you, whether that’s on a camping trip, to the supermarket on a hot day, or out on your Thursday tempo run or bike ride.

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8. Proviz Reflect 360 running gloves

Proviz Reflect 360 running gloves - product suggestion

Key features:

  • Fully reflective 360-degree design
  • Internal waterproofing and insulation

A pair of running gloves is a must-have running accessory come the colder months. Getting out of the house to run is one thing, but having freezing cold hands while running is another – it’s a solid no from us. The Proviz running gloves contain 360-degree reflectivity and an insulated design, allowing you to stay nice and warm while remaining highly visible during those late-night jaunts.

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9. Danish Endurance anti-blister running socks

Key features:

  • Sweat-wicking and anti-blister compression design
  • Ideal for long-distance running
  • Recommended by Olympic athletes

When it comes to socks and other running accessories, you’re often spoilt for choice. However, this pair of anti-blister running socks from Danish Endurance really do live up to the hype. Recommended by an Olympic athlete, this pair of socks provide enhanced cushioning and comfort like no other pair.  Oh, and you also have a choice of six colours, which is always an added bonus!

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10. Rockay performance women’s run tights

Rockay performance run tights

Key features:

  • HeiQ Fresh odour control technology results in a breathable and quick-drying fabric
  • Secure pocket for your smartphone
  • Made from recycled materials

We’ve already highlighted the men’s version on our list in the number one spot. However, you can’t go wrong with a quality pair of running tights.

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11. Compresport R2 calf sleeves

Compressport calf sleevesKey features:

  • Compression and supportive fit reduces your risk of injury & promotes recovery
  • Lightweight & breathable design
  • Ideal for those with knee pain or injuries

Compression calf sleeves are both great for running recovery and improved performance. This pair from compressedsport absorbs shock and provides additional support for those with knee pain or injuries. You’ll also remain comfortable throughout your run or lounging around the house thanks to the breathable and supportive design.

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12. Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch

Garmin Forerunner 35

Key features:

  • Measures basic running metrics such as pace per mile, distance covered, time spent running, and more!
  • Smart notifications & at-wrist-based heart rate monitoring
  • VO2 Max recovery estimates and smart training information

The Garmin forerunner 35 GPS running watch is a little less advanced than the forerunner 245. However, this is to be expected given the noticeable price difference. Nevertheless, the Forerunner 35 contains plenty of features, including smart notifications, logging of basic metrics, and recovery estimates after each run or workout to reduce your risk of injury and improve your training.

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13. Rockay run belt (unisex)

Rockay run belt (unisex) - product suggestion

Key features:

  • Three pockets (one large zipped pocket for your smartphone)
  • Fits waist sizes from 23.5″ to 43″
  • Highly reflective design

Store all of your favourite running accessories in the Rockay running belt – designed to fit virtually all runners. With a sleek and stylish design, it’s not only practical, but you’ll look good while doing so.

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14. FX FFEXS foam roller

Key features:

  • Improves muscle recovery between runs and workouts
  • Reduces your risk of injury
  • Choice of three colours
  • Effective rehabilitation instrument (returning from injury)

Foam rolling is a must-do exercise for runners. Not only will this reduce your risk of injury, but it will speed up recovery times between runs and workouts. This particular roller also comes with a guide to help you get started, with seven excellent foam rolling positions for runners and other endurance athletes.

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15. TriggerPoint performance massage stick

Key features:

  • Acugrip handles for targeted relief
  • Convenient and portable design
  • Reduces muscle tightness and soreness

Sometimes you can’t quite reach that tight spot with a foam roller. However, this massage stick is ideal for those hard to reach spots, small in size and ideal for travelling.

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16. Garmin HRM-run heart rate monitor strap

Key features:

  • Provides real-time data, including heart rate, cadence, ground contact time, and more
  • Comfortable to wear & adjustable strap
  • Improved heart rate monitoring accuracy

The Garmin HRM-run heart rate monitor strap pairs with all compatible Garmin devices. A heart rate monitor strap is more accurate than wrist-based monitoring – an essential piece of kit for those looking to improve their race times or who train by heart rate and are looking for greater accuracy and results.

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17. Ignite headband

Rockay Ignite running headband (unisex)

Key features:

  • Soft Italian nylon fabric
  • Comfortable ear coverage
  • HeiQ Fresh odour control design

Chances are you either love running with a headband or you’ve never done it in your life. However, for those who regularly flaunt the latest styles, the Rockay headband contains soft nylon fabric while keeping your ears nice and warm. Bonus points during the winter months!

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18. Nike fast 2-inch men’s running shorts

Nike fast - 2 inch running shorts for men

Key features:

  • Signature Nike Dri-Fit technology
  • Ideal for racing

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts intended for running quick, then look no further: this is the pair for you. Only two inches in length, you’ll benefit from increased freedom of movement and enhanced breathability. However, the pockets do run small – you’ll only really be able to fit a bank card and a set of keys.

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19. Rockay women’s running shorts

Rockay Women's running shorts

Key features:

  • Inner dedicated smartphone pocket
  • 5-inch length
  • Recycled fabric design

Creating used recycled fabric and the perfect length for running year-round, there are no better running shorts in our opinion than these from Rockay.  Like many other Rockay products, you benefit from the dedicated smartphone pocket – securing your phone for when you need it most, whether that’s an emergency or you know, checking your Strava segments.

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20. TOREGE polarized sports sunglasses

Key features:

  • Four interchangeable lenses
  • Clear, stylish, and impact & scratch resistant
  • Lifetime breakage warranty on frame

It’s not summer if you’re not running in a pair of sunglasses – after all, it’s your only chance to look somewhat like an Elite runner. This pair from TOREGE are a lot more affordable than more expensive options, such as the Oakley’s previously mentioned. With four interchangeable lenses, you have a set for every occasion.

Oh, and if you do happen to fall or drop your sunglasses, you will benefit from a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame – it’s a win, win!

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21. Karrimor unisex thermal running beanie

Key features:

  • Soft fleece lining
  • Reflective detailing for added visibility when running at night
  • Stretch fit

The Karrimor thermal running beanie contains a soft fleece lining, providing optimal warmth in cold weather conditions. With a stretch fit and reflective detailing, you’ll remain comfortable and seen in low light conditions.

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22. Higher State women’s sports bra

Higher State women's sports bra

Key features:

  • Mesh back and overlay increases ventilation and air-flow
  • Deep underband ensures a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable multiple padded straps

When you’re out running, you want as few distractions as possible. The Higher State women’s sports bra does exactly that, keeping you comfortable mile after mile. The adjustable padded straps are designed to fit all, allowing you to adjust as necessary for that precision fit.

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23. GearLight LED adjustable running head torch

Key features:

  • Battery-powered
  • One size fits all (adults and kids)
  • 45-degree tilt

Nothing quite says winter running accessory quite like the trusty head torch. Without one, you’ll struggle to log those early morning or evening runs. This head torch provides a 200-lumen brightness and a choice of three different beam modes.

You can also view our full round-up of the best head torches for other options.

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24. Nike men’s Zoom Pegasus 38

Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 - product recommendation Key features:

  • React foam midsole delivers durable, lightweight, and responsive cushioning
  • Lacing system secures the mid-foot in place
  • 10mm drop

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 introduces a wider forefoot design from the previous model, the Pegasus 37. However, still utilising the much-loved react foam midsole, expect lightweight and responsive cushioning like never before. Another new feature is the lacing system, now securing your mid-foot in place for a more stable and reactive run.

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25. Asics Novablast 2 Women’s running shoes

Asics Novablast 2 women's running shoes - product suggestionKey features:

  • Double Engineered Jacquard Mesh provides a second-skin-like feel
  • FlyteFoam blast for a more responsive and softer stride
  • 8mm drop

When compared to the previous model, the original Asics Novablast, the heel to toe drop is 2mm less, now only 8mm. This results in a more responsive and much quicker shoe designed with a second-skin-like feel. For many runners, you can get away with using this as your main shoe for all training purposes.

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26. Rockay running cap

Rockay running cap

Key features:

  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Great for running or casual wear

There isn’t too much to say about the Rockay running cap – other than it looks great. Wear it on your training runs to block the sun or rock it at your local coffee shop. You know, just to let everyone know that you run…

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27. Addsfit massage gun for runners

Key features:

  • Up to 3,300 percussions per minute & nine adjustable speeds
  • Improved recovery between runs and workouts
  • Comes with a compact case to neatly store the massage gun and it’s attachments when not in use

The Addsfit massage gun is the ultimate recovery tool for all runners and athletes. Small and compact, this piece of kit is great for working through tight spots, increasing blood to the muscles and flushing out harmful toxins.

For more information on the Addsfit massage gun, you can read our full review.

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28. Fitness-mad spikey massage ball

Fitness-mad spikey massage ball

Key features:

  • Release tight and sore muscles
  • Compact and super portable – great for travelling
  • Reduced risk of injury

Far too often, runners get injured due to a lack of overtraining and too little pre-hab (strength and conditioning & stretching). However, this spikey massage ball allows you to stay on top of your running game, reducing your risk of injury and ensuring you’re ready for every run or workout.

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29. Dr. Scholl’s athletic sports insoles

Key features:

  • Reduce and prevent shin pain, knee pain, and plantar fascia pain/discomfort
  • Deep heel cup absorbs impact each step
  • Anti-odour & long-lasting design

Many runners think running insoles are only for those with some sort of pronation or a running-related injury. However, this is not always the case. For example, this pair of running insoles are designed with the neutral runner in mind, reducing pain and providing additional cushioning to reduce your risk of injury.

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30. Under Armour sports mask

Under Armour sports mask

Key features:

  • Secure fit
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Open-cell foam layer lets air through but makes it difficult for sweat and excess moisture to pass-through

Finally, we have the Under Armour sports mask, a range of running accessories we can’t see going away anytime soon. Created with anti-microbial fabric, you’ll remain comfortable while reducing your risk of transmission – keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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Running accessories FAQ:

To help answer questions surrounding men and women’s running accessories, we’ve put together a short FAQ below:

What accessories do runners need?

This depends on how seriously you take your running. However, a GPS running watch, a pair of proper running shoes, and a foam roller will certainly do the trick.

What is a good gift for a runner?

As there are so many running accessories available, you have an excellent choice of gifts. We recommend a GPS running watch, foam roller, or running belt to get started!

Are all these running accessories required?

No! There are plenty of accessories out there. However, usually, these just make your running easier and more enjoyable.

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