Running gloves: 12 pairs to choose from in 2021

 Twelve pairs of running gloves to keep your hands nice and toasty this winter.

10 Pairs of running gloves to keep you warm this winter

Winter is no longer coming, winter is very much here. To not only protect yourself during the frosty elements, but to enjoy your runs, you should invest in some warm winter running gear.

Ideally, at the minimum, you should look to purchase a high-quality pair of running gloves, a running jacket, a pair of running tights, and a couple of three-quarter zips to even stand a chance in the low degree weather.

In winter, our fingers lose heat quickly due to their large surface area. Plus, while we’re running, unlike the rest of our body, our fingers aren’t really doing much… to prevent our fingers from going blue or falling off (sometimes quite literally…), you ought to wrap up warm, especially in minus fourteen degrees Celcius –  that type of cold really does hit differently.

A pair of well-insulated running gloves are a must-have piece of kit, helping to keep your fingers nice and toasty whether running on the fells or on the side of the road grinding out those miles before sunrise. 

This article will first answer some frequently asked questions about running gloves, followed by showcasing twelve excellent pairs to keep you safe and warm in 2021. 

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What are running gloves for?

It may seem pretty straight forward… but hey, it does get asked from time to time. A pair of gloves insulate and keep our hands warm. They also provide wind protection and waterproofing – ideal for running in the winter.

When should I wear them?

Ultimately this is down to personal preference. Many opt for a pair once the temperatures start to drop while others are reluctant and won’t wear running gloves at all. Strange, I know.

Generally, anything colder than four degrees Celcius and you should definitely start wearing a pair of running gloves. Running without gloves in such cold temperatures increases your risk of hypothermia. Not to mention, it’s super uncomfortable and gets rather chilly, even for those used to wearing shorts when it’s snowing out. 

How do I wash my running gloves?

While you’ll more than likely get away without washing your gloves for a while, there will come a time when you should probably plunge them in warm water to prevent them from developing a nasty odour. 

We suggest washing your running gloves in warm, not boiling water. The water should ideally be less than 30 degrees Celcius to prevent any damage to the material the glove is constructed from. Likewise, as with any running gear/clothing, you should avoid tumble drying at all costs – this increases the risk of shrinkage and further damage to the sports material.

How should they fit?

A pair of running gloves should fit nice and snug. They certainly shouldn’t be too big either as this increases the risk of chafing and won’t keep you as warm. This kind of defeats the point of the essential piece of cold weather kit.

12 Excellent pairs of running gloves

With the questions out of the way, we’ve gathered together twelve excellent pairs of running gloves to help keep you nice and toasty during the winter months.

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1. Vbiger unisex touchscreen running gloves

Vbiger running gloves recommendation

Key features:

  • Touchscreen (can switch songs while running etc.)
  • Reflective print to remain visible while running at night
  • Small pocket design

These touchscreen running gloves are both low on price and extremely functional. Containing reflective printing, you’ll remain visible while running at night alongside the touchscreen design to switch songs or use your phone while running.

As well as this, there is also a small pocket design to store loose change, keys, or any other small valuables you may have.

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2. Inov8 All Terrain Gloves

Inov8 all terrain running gloves product recommendation

Key features:

  • Touchscreen (can switch songs while running etc.)
  • Reflective print to remain visible while running at night
  • Created using a synthetic material for added warmth

These running gloves from Inov8 utilise a stylish design alongside touchscreen capabilities allowing you to use a mobile device without having to remove the gloves. Created using synthetic material, these gloves will keep you warm and visible in the darkest of conditions.

Being super light at only 24 grams and easy compactible, these gloves are perfect for storing in shorts when you’re unsure of the weather.

View on Inov-8

3. VBIGER Unisex anti-slip, touchscreen winter running gloves

 Vbiger winter running gloves - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Anti-slip palm design to increase grip
  • Reflective print to remain visible while running at night
  • Touchscreen compatible (can switch songs while running etc.)
  • Splash-proof design to prevent leakage into the gloves

Utilising a slightly different colour scheme and design to the pair mentioned previously, these unisex running gloves also contain an anti-slip palm design to offer increased grip on objects.

Like the other pair, these also contain a reflective design, touchscreen capabilities, and a splash-proof design to prevent any leakage into the gloves.

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4. Coskefy unisex touchscreen gloves

 Running gloves

Key features:

  • Fleece lining
  • Premium soft fabric for increased comfort
  • Anti-slip material

These gloves utilise a premium soft fabric to increase comfort, upgrade performance, and increase both durability and breathability. Alongside this, these running gloves from Coskefy also contain a fleece lining to lock heat inside of the glove while providing a nice, snug fit.

Utilising anti-slip material, these gloves are also perfect for other sports such as cycling and golf.

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5. Inov8 unisex race ultra-running mittens

Inov8 mittens for cold weather running

Key features:

  • Reflective logo for increased visibility
  • Waterproof outer to keep you dry
  • Fits perfectly into Inov8’s running shorts or pants

These running mittens by Inov8 are perfect for staying warm while running. With a large reflective logo for increased visibility, a stretch cuff for increased comfort, and a waterproof outer, these running mittens are your perfect companion whether you’re storming the fells or out for another late night wintery run. 

Finally, these running mittens are also designed to fit perfectly into any of Inov8’s running shorts or pants – perfect for unpredictable weather changes.

View on Inov-8

6. TrailHeads touchscreen running gloves with reflective waterproof mitten shell

 TrailHeads 2 in 1 running gloves and running mittens

Key features:

  • 2 in 1 convert from running gloves into running mittens
  • Waterproof shell design
  • Hidden magnets to pair your gloves together

Despite the hefty price tag, these touchscreen running gloves from TrailHeads have a 2 in 1 versatility converting traditional gloves into mittens for extra protection against the winters elements.

The mitten top neatly tucks into a pocket at the top of the wrist while containing a highly reflective and waterproof shell keeping the rain and snow from freezing your fingers.

Finally, another nice feature is the use of small hidden magnets to securely pair your gloves together – you’re sure never to lose them (or if you do, at least they’ll remain together.)

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7. Time to run thermal gloves

Winter product recommendation

Key features:

  • Sweat-wicking fabric to increase comfort
  • Reflective detailing to increase visibility at night

At a much more affordable price tag than the previous pair, these thermal running gloves from time to run utilise brushed thermal polyester fabric to keep you warm alongside sweat-wicking material for fast drying for increased comfort while training.

Like many other running gloves we’ve suggested, these gloves also contain a reflective trim – ideal for running in low light conditions.

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8. Salomon lightweight unisex winter running gloves

 This is a product recommendation

Key features:

  • Designed for optimum comfort and warmth
  • Touchscreen (can switch songs while running etc.)
  • Warm and breathable material

Utilising a smart design from Salomon, these gloves are fully researched and developed for optimum comfort and warmth. Including touchscreen fabric, these gloves allow you to use your smartphone without removing the gloves.

As well as this, Salomon uses a breathable yet warm material, keeping you well-protected against the elements. Not to mention dry and comfortable throughout the entirety of your run. 

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9. Proviz reflect 360 waterproof gloves

This is a product recommendation

Key features:

  • Full 360 reflective design
  • Internal waterproofing and insulation

You may already know Proviz for their highly reflective running and cycling jackets. Their running gloves are no different. Utilising a full 360 reflective design, these running gloves provide enhanced visibility while running at night.

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Under the reflective layer, these running gloves contain internal waterproofing and insulation – keeping us dry, warm, and comfortable mile after mile.

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10. Race elite 3 in 1 running gloves

INOV-8 running glove - race elite3in1

Key features:

  • 3 in 1 design (worn as gloves, mittens, or both)
  • Super lightweight & breathable
  • Fully waterproof outer mitten

Another pair from Inov-8, we have the race elite 3 in 1 running gloves. Designed for the trail/fell runner in mind, these gloves contain silicone prints for increased grip when navigating rocks and tough climbs. Also, you will benefit from the fully waterproof mitten, lightweight design, and more!

View on Inov-8

11. Nike running gloves for women

Key features:

  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Ideal for running, triathlon, and even cycling 

This pair of Nike running gloves for women are ideal for running, triathlon, cycling, and other events. The style is sleek, created with stretchy and well-insulated material for the coldest of runs. Oh, and you can also use your smartphone while running, whether to switch songs, follow a route, or to make an emergency call on the go.

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12. Base layer Nike men’s running gloves

Key features:

  • Touchscreen compatible 
  • Reflective swoosh for increased visibility
  • Great freedom of movement 
  • Base layer training 

Our twelfth and final product suggestion is the Nike base layer men’s running gloves. Providing unrivalled freedom of movement, this glove is for those looking for something a little more comfortable without sacrificing on warmth. After all, they’re designed as a base layer – keeping the heat in and the cold out, where it belongs.

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