When do you start to enjoy running?

We discuss how long it takes to start to enjoy running as a beginner to the sport.

Many of us decide to take up running for many different reasons. Maybe you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, plan on entering a race, want to become fitter, or perhaps you just want an excuse to wear those short shorts.

Whatever your reason, many of us encounter the same problem. You just hate running. Luckily for you, you can and will start to enjoy running overtime. We have gathered together our top tips to help you start to enjoy running that little bit more.

When you begin to see progress

A lot of people start to enjoy running once they begin to see progress. Progress is measured differently for everyone, whether this is weight loss, miles ran, or time on their feet to name a few.

You should typically begin to see progress within a couple of weeks of consistent running. This includes weight loss, distance covered, and time spent running. Once we achieve a goal or make progress, this motivates us to continue, allowing us to enjoy running that little bit more.

Once you learn how to pace yourself

Not going off to fast, and learning to pace yourself is a great step to enjoying running. Not only will you not be short on breathe and red in the face, but you’ll also be able to run further while actually enjoy it.

Secondly, learning to pace yourself is actually really easy. Simply find a pace and settle into a rhythm which is comfortable but not an all-out sprint. The more you run, the easier it is to know your limits and pace yourself.

Once you get better at it

Naturally, once you get better at running, you should begin to enjoy it more. This relates to seeing progress and learning how to pace yourself. Once you’re able to run much further, you’re able to explore new and scenic routes. Mixing up the terrain is an easy way to enjoy running that little bit more. We recommend hitting the trails, running on the beach, or even on the fells or trails if you can handle it!

Couch to 5k

To see progress, it is advised to set a goal. A popular running plan to follow is the couch to 5k. Couch to 5k is a beginner running program which includes three runs per week for a total of 9 weeks, with the schedule changing each week. By the end of the 9 weeks, runners are encouraged to take part in a 5k race or Parkrun which they have been building up to during their training.

The couch to 5k training program is particularly useful for beginner runners to enjoy running due to the structure of the program. With something to follow, and a mutual goal to aim for (to run a 5k), this allows runners to stay motivated and track their progress. As we know, progress is essential to enjoying running.

To conclude

Most runners will begin to enjoy running once they see progress first hand. Following a structured training plan such as the coach to 5k is an easy way to work towards a goal and stay motivated.

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