13 of the Best Women’s running tights available in 2023

Here are our thirteen favourite picks of women’s running tights this winter.

12 of the best women's running tights

With winter just around the corner, it’s essential to start preparing and gathering together those winter running gear essentials. 

You should look to invest in a pair of running gloves, a waterproof running jacket, a couple of long-sleeved and zipped tops, and a pair of running tights – the reason why you’re here. 

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Once winter hits and the temperatures drop, it’s essential to wrap up warm during training. A pair of women’s running tights will increase blood flow while supporting our muscles throughout our run. 

Running tights are an excellent choice for the winter. With a skin-tight fit, running tights increase and maintain heat while actually wearing fewer layers of clothing.

While running tights aren’t for everyone, they are especially suitable for running warmups. Wearing a pair of running tights during your warmup in the winter will increase blood flow and circulation much quicker in comparison to just wearing a pair of shorts. After your warmup, you can always remove your running tights and begin your proper training session. 

The remainder of this article will discuss what temperature you should wear running tights, how tight your running tights should be, and finally the thirteen best Women’s running tights.

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When should I wear Women’s running tights?

Runner’s World suggests wearing running tights in temperatures colder than 4 degrees Celcius and undoubtedly below freezing. Wrapping up warm and wearing a pair of running tights will keep your muscles nice and warm – reducing your risk of pulling a muscle while finally reducing your risk of cold-related conditions such as hypothermia. 

How tight is too tight?

When it comes to running tights, there is a thing as too tight. Your running tights should be tight, however, not restricting any movement. If you’re having trouble maintaining your normal running form or experience muscle cramps, this may be because your running tights are too tight.

The thirteen best Women’s running tights

Enough questions. Here are our thirteen best picks of women’s running tights.

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1. Rockay women’s dolphin blue running tights

Rockay women's running tights (dolphin blue)

Key features:

  • Polygiene anti-odour technology
  • Reflective logo located at the back of the tights for increased visibility 
  • Zipped side pocket
  • Created using recycled fabrics

The Rockay women’s dolphin blue running tights utilise Polygiene anti-odour technology to keep you cool, dry and sweat-free during your run. Each purchase helps to clean up the oceans, supporting sustainability thanks to the recycled fabric design. You’ll also benefit from a zipped side pocket and reflective detailing, keeping you safe on those late night or early morning runs.

1. Rockay women's dolphin blue running tights View on Rockay 1. Rockay women's dolphin blue running tights 

2. Salomon Women’s tight running pants

Salomon Women's tight running pants - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Optimum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Large zipped pocket 

These women’s running pants are designed for running on road, trail, and other outdoor or in the gym activities. Created with breathable fabric, providing optimum comfort and freedom of movement whatever activity you’re performing. Finally, there is a large zipped pocket towards the back of the running pants – perfect for storing valuables.

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3. New Balance Women’s impact running tights

women's running tights recommendation

Key features:

  • DRI technology to wick sweat away from the body
  • Highly reflective design 
  • Two side pockets

Despite the higher price tag, these women’s running tights from New Balance are both stylish and ideal for running. Created with New Balance’s DRI technology, you’re promised increased comfort while sweat is wicked away from the body.

Secondly, these tights have a highly reflective design – increasing visibility while running in low light or at night. Finally, there are also two side pockets fundamental for storing valuables such as keys or cash while running.

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 4. Adidas response long tights

Adidas women's running tights recommendation

Key features:

  • Sweat-wicking material
  • Sweat protected pocket to store valuables

These running tights from Adidas are tight-fitting designed with sweat-wicking material to increase comfort while keeping us warm and dry during our run. Secondly, there is also a sweat protected pocket to store valuables while running. If ordered from Amazon, you’ll also receive free delivery.

However, It is worth looking up the size beforehand, though. There are a select few reviews which mention their usual sizing being too big. With this in mind, you may want to order a size smaller than usual. Alternatively, you can always buy two pairs and return the ones you don’t need! 

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5. Ronhill Women’s running tights

Running tights product recommendation for women

Key features:

  • Sweat-wicking material
  • Highly reflective
  • Internal pocket 

Created with Powerlite fabric, these women’s running tights are both affordable and super comfortable. Utilising sweat-wicking material and highly reflective detailing you’ll remain dry, warm, and entirely visible running during the winter months.

There is also an internal pocket for valuables – something we’d like to see included within more running tights.

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6. Asics Women’s essential winter tights

Asics women's running tights (to advertise to those visiting the site)

Key features:

  • Mesh inserts for increased ventilation
  • Flat seams to reduce chafing
  • Asics’s signature motion dry technology to wick sweat away from the body 
  • Zipped pocket at the back of the tights

These women’s running tights contain mesh inserts for ventilation below the knee alongside reduced chafing with the incorporation of flat seams. Designed with Asics’s signature motion dry technology, you’re in for a dry, warm, and comfortable run regardless of the weather.

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There is also a zipped pocket located at the back of the tights to store small valuables such as keys, cards, or cash.

However, some consumer reviews mention these tights to be targeted more towards smaller women with slightly less bigger sizes available.

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7. Adidas Women’s response tights

Women's running tights product recommendation for winter running

Key features:

  • Adidas’s Climacool technology to wick sweat away from the body 
  • Zipped sweatproof pocket
  • Stylish

This stylish pair of women’s running tights will keep you looking cool while keeping your legs nice and toasty during those cold winter runs. Utilising Adidas’s Climacool technology, these will keep you dry in warm weather and warm on even the coldest of runs.

There is also a zipped sweatproof pocket to store small valuables while running, walking, or even hiking.

With a fitting fit, as Adidas call it, you may want to wear a size down to allow for a regular fit without compromising on tightness.

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8. Adidas Women’s own the run tights

Product recommendation for winter running (women's running tights)

Key features:

  • Climacool technology to wick sweat away from the body
  • Reflective detailing to increase visibility
  • Internal sweatproof pocket

Another pair from Adidas, these are available in a variety of different colours and patterns. As with all Adidas running gear, these women’s running tights also utilise Climacool technology – keeping you dry while wicking sweat and moisture away from the body.

Containing reflective detailing for those late-night winter runs and an internal sweatproof pocket, you’re able to remain highly visible while keeping those valuables safe at hand.

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9. Urban Women’s ladies camo tech mesh leggings

Product recommendation for women

Key features:

  • Comfortable and stretchy fit
  • Stylish
  • Ideal for gym, running, or outdoor activities

Although not specifically designed for running, these Urban Classics camo mesh leggings from Amazon wardrobe have received a handful of positive reviews. Looking stylish and being with the current trend of camo, you’re sure to look the part without sacrificing on performance.

Various users discuss these tights to be great for training being a comfortable and stretchy fit – perfect for all kinds of activities in the gym and outdoors.

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10. Puma Women’s all of me tight pants

women's running pants/tights product recommendation

Key features:

  • Drycell technology to wick sweat away from the body
  • Comfortable
  • Internal mesh zip pocket to store valuables 

Utilising drycell technology these women’s running tights from Puma will wick sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry, comfortable, and warm on even the harshest of winter runs. Coming in a plethora of funky and stylish different colours, there’s something to suit everyone.

Finally, there is also an internal mesh zip pocket to store and keep valuables dry when running.

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11. TCA Women’s SuperThermal performance running tights

Recommended product - women's running tights

Key features:

  • Soft brushed fabric to keep heat in 
  • Perfect for running in the winter
  • Sweat-wicking material
  • Large back zip pocket

These performance women’s running tights from TCA are designed with soft brushed fabric locking in heat and keeping your muscles warm on the coldest of runs. Like many other running tights, TCA also utilises sweat-wicking material to remain dry, comfortable and running with no hassle.

Finally, there is also a large back zip pocket to store valuables or even a waterproof jacket while running.

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12. Inov-8 women’s winter running tights

Inov-8 women's running tights - product recommendation

Key features:

  • Hybrid protection from icy snow and mixed conditions
  • Highly breathable 
  • Optimal wind and weather protection

These women’s winter running tights from Inov-8 are your ultimate companion for those long winter runs. No matter the weather, regardless of if it’s snowing, raining, or blowing a wind these running tights will keep you warm and comfortable mile after mile.

View on Inov-8

13. Inov-8 race elite women’s running tights

Key features:

  • Unrestricted movement utilising stretchy fabric
  • Rear zipped pocket for keys, running gels, or other essentials
  • Ankle zips for fast kit change
  • UPF 50 + protection

The final pair of tights is also from Inov-8, this time also containing a rear zipped pocket for keys and other essentials. Also, these women’s running tights also utilise UPF 50 + protection, reducing the risk of sun burn when on the run.

Finally, the high back waist with soft gripper provides ultimate comfort when running, even up hills. This is a must-have for fellow trail/fell runners, especially during the winter months.

View on Inov-8

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