Monday morning blues? 5 Tips to motivate yourself to run or workout

Struggling with motivation? Here are 5 tips to motivate yourself to get out the door and run!

I’m tired, I’m stressed, it won’t hurt if I miss one run…

Chances are you’ve made these excuses before (I know we have). To help you battle those Monday (or workout) blues, we’ve gathered together our top five tips to motivate yourself to go for a run or workout.

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1. Set your gear out beforehand

It’s often after work that the excuses start rolling in – get ahead of the game and set out your gear beforehand. By laying out your equipment, you are making yourself accountable for your workout to follow.

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2. Mix it up!

Running the same route or doing the same workout is boring… so why do it? We recommend changing your regular running route (maybe run it backwards?), changing the activity (maybe try cycling?) Or changing the intensity of your run. Not only will this become more fun, but you’re also more likely to stick to your training long-term.

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3. Run with a group!

Running or working out in a group is much easier! Grab a few friends, set a time, and hit the road for a friendly and sociable few miles. You don’t have to run with others all of the time. However, this can be an excellent way to mix things up and keep things fun.

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4. Listen to some music

Grab your earphones and pick your favourite playlist. After all, listening to music makes everything better. Listening to music is proven to put you into a better mood (granted you’re not listening to Celine Dion) to run or workout.

5. Schedule your run or workout into your day

Finally, we suggest scheduling your run or workout into your day like you would anything else. By choosing a time and place to run/workout, you’re making yourself much more accountable for your run or workout to follow.

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